The firefighting gloves from Rosenbauer

Certified according to EN 659:2008

The SAFE GRIP 3 firefighter gloves combine highest protective features with dynamic design. It guarantees protection and optimum wear comfort for the pro firefighter. Selected materials are processed with highest care and attention. Protective gloves are part of the personal protection equipment of firefighters and thus indispensable for firefighting operations and rescue operations.

The SAFE GRIP 3 is the perfect partner for any operation. The protective firefighter glove is available in two different exterior colors:

  • Dark blue
  • Sand colors

Exterior material

  • The back of the gloves are made of high-quality NOMEX® III which is characterized by very high impact resistance, flame and heat resistance as well as resistance to chemicals. A KEVLAR fleece is laminated on the rear side for special heat and cut-protection.
  • The inside is a made of a carbon/silicone-coated double fabric (Doubleface Ware). The used NOMEX® and Paraaramide materials guarantee excellent comfort, abrasion resistance and a very good grip on smooth and wet surfaces.


  • The membrane made from Gore-Tex®X-TRAFIT insert ensures breathability, waterproofing and windproofing.


  • The lining consists of a tear and cut-proof, as well as flame and heat-resistant combination made from NOMEX Kevlar®Knitwear


The SAFE GRIP 3 protective firefighting glove meets all requirements of the EN 659:2008 guidelines:

Performance criteria

Performance level



Cut resistance


Tear resistance


Penetration resistance




Convective heat


Radiant heat


Contact heat




Sense of touch


Taking the gloves off


Water resistance


Penetration of liquids


Penetration of liquid chemicals


The dark blue SAFE GRIP 3 protective firefighting gloves are available in various designs:

SAFE GRIP 3 with cuff

  • Exterior material NOMEX® III with KEVLAR fleece for special heat and cut-protection
  • Cuff with 3M yellow/silver/yellow reflective strips
  • Adjustable Velcro fastening strap

SAFE GRIP 3 with knitted cuff

  • Exterior material NOMEX® III with KEVLAR fleece for special heat and cut-protection
  • Knitted cuff 100% NOMEX®
  • Hanging loop inside

Reflective elements

  • Silver piping on the finger joint folds and on the impact protector
  • 3M reflective strips in silver-yellow-silver around the wrist

Better freedom of movement

  • Comfortable and soft grip
  • Less stiff

Heat and cold insulation

  • Flame resistance and cold insulation thanks to high quality materials
  • Aramide Kevlar combinations in exterior material: Best heat and flame resistance, good cold insulation
  • Gore-Tex® X-TRAFIT membrane: Water and wind proof, breathability

Finger joint folds

  • Very good sense of touch
  • Make gripping easier
  • Additional impact protection thanks to protectors

Non-slip putting on and taking off

  • All material layers are firmly bound together
  • The inside of the glove will not come loose or slip when putting the glove on or removing it

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Brochure SAFE GRIP 3


Brochure SAFE GRIP 3


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